After providing treatment for our patients, we often ask if they would be happy to send us a testimonial letter telling about their experience of having treatment at Ian Robertson Dental Care. We have found that many patients like to read about others experiences. We are delighted to have received so many positive and enthusiatic replies. Please feel free to read some of them when you next visit us.

Below is a selection of comments taken from these letters.

I have had implants to hold my denture securely in place for nine years now and haven’t looked back. Although the initial treatments require quite a number of visits to the surgery, this was well worth the effort. The implant therapy was carried out very efficiently and hygienically and I would definitely recommend this course of treatment to anyone considering this option.

Ms P. R.

I am now undergoing my second Implant therapy with Mr Robertson and am extremely pleased and satisfied with the surgery. Mr Robertson explains the procedure step by step with great care. The procedure takes 12 to 16 weeks with visits in between for on-going treatment. Mr Robertson is very caring and very professional therefore I had no hesitation in under taking implant therapy for a second time. I was absolutely delighted with my first implant therapy.

Mrs A. Mc.

Before commencing my implant treatment, the entire procedure was thoroughly explained and it allowed me to make an informed decision as to whether to proceed with the treatment. Each stage of the procedure went exactly as expected, with no nasty surprises! It’s a lengthy and expensive process, but handled efficiently and with good patient care, has resulted in a complete success.

Mr R. McG.

It is several years now since I had my implant. Never, in all this time have I had a problem. When I lost a front tooth, I had a denture. This was not a great success, I really had to take it out when eating. When Mr. Robertson suggested an implant, it seemed almost futuristic. The whole process was explained very thoroughly, any questions I had were answered in great detail. My biggest concern was a ‘metal rawlplug’ into my gum. As it turned out I had no problem whatsoever. It takes time, the gum has to heal around the plug. Then the big day comes for fitting the tooth. Bingo! I had a real tooth, with no worries of a denture giving me problems. From day 1 it has been an unqualified success. It feels no different to my natural teeth. There is no downside that I have experienced, I had no discomfort during or after fitting. All in all, a totally positive result.

Mr R. H.

When I lost the crown of one of my front teeth due to a silly trip one July day, never did I think that my dentist could replace it with a new one. Unfortunately the root had split and my dentist gave me the worst news that I would have to lose my tooth. Sitting in the chair with the root now removed I couldn’t imagine myself with not being able to floss and quickly asked if I could have the option of an implant. My dentist was fantastic and told me not to rush into any decision having just ‘repaired’ my smile with a temporary bridge that looked good anyway and explained that there were alternative options. However, I wanted to know if implant treatment was right for me and he sent me brochures showing each stage of the process.

I did my research and decided that I wanted to proceed with an implant knowing that it was a much longer process than the other options. Once the treatment started my dentist walked me through what would happen during each appointment and made sure I was comfortable with what he was doing. The post implant into the bone wasn’t painful or uncomfortable and I didn’t even need painkillers afterwards which was amazing. The post then needs time to heal and during this time I felt completely at ease that my temporary bridge was somewhat unrecognisable when I smiled. It all looked quite natural which gave me a confidence boost.

Finally, when the day of my new crown fitting arrived I was extremely excited to at last get my crown fitted and we did a final reveal with a mirror. I felt completely overwhelmed with the result. It was like my silly trip had never happened. I couldn’t stop smiling and thanking my dentist for making me feel back to normal again.
From the decision to proceed with the treatment to the final outcome was one of the better decisions I’ve made. I completely trusted my dentist’s decision on each stage of the journey and we worked through each phase together. I wouldn’t hesitate to go through it all again if I had to.

Mrs J. C.

My implants, two top and two bottom, have been a great success. They hold my dentures so securely in position, I can now eat as I could before with my natural teeth. The implant treatment though quite expensive has been worth every penny of the cost.

Mr J. W.

Having suffered a partial denture followed by a bridge for approximately fifty years I was more than interested when referred to Ian Robertson for dental implants. Ian explained the procedure in great detail answering all questions and reassuring me about doubts I had. During my treatment he explained every step of the process including showing me the implant components and the instruments used. He was very gentle and reassuring throughout. I can now bite apples and other crisp/hard foods with absolute confidence for the first time in ages which is amazing. I cannot recommend Ian and his staff enough as the difference made to me is fantastic.

Mr D. F.

I had two sets of implants fitted. The first procedure for my bottom set was carried out in xxxx, the other one for my top set was carried out in xxxx. To help with the anticipated swelling/bruising I took 1 arnica 3c tablet every day, for seven days before and after each procedure.

I honestly believe, that, other than getting married, they must be two of the best decisions I have ever made. (I wish I had made the decisions many years before I did.)

The benefits are so numerous: I can basically choose and enjoy anything from the menu. (From a peanut to a large steak and not worry about being able to chew them.) My food tastes so much better. (The majority of the palate on your top denture is no longer required.) I do not have embarrassing moments with food getting under my dentures when dining out or in. (And having to leave the table to clean them.) My dentures no longer fly out of my mouth when I sneeze/cough. I also feel a lot more confident when wearing my dentures. I could go on and on but the simple and honest truth is the implants make your dentures feel so secure that it completely changes your outlook on eating and life. There is obviously some discomfort after each procedure, however once over that short period you will enjoy all of the above. I would recommend implants to anyone.

Mr F. F.

Some 5 years ago I was advised that I required an upper denture. I made enquiries and decided that I would prefer a denture secured by implants. I contacted various practitioners and decided to have this carried out by Ian Robertson who had impressed me with his friendly manner and not least, a very competitive price.

I was apprehensive, but I had no need to be, as the whole operation from the initial stage was completely pain free, and has continued to be for the past 5 years. I would most certainly recommend having the denture secured by implants as I have no problem with security of the denture, or movement of same, which saves any embarrassment. I certainly have no hesitation in recommending implants where advised, and also the professional manner in which my treatment was conducted.

Mrs S. S.

I have been a happy patient of this practice for the last 5 years or so, my family a lot longer. I am at an age where I have had a few dentists at my teeth over the years, some good and some not so good. I just wanted to say thank you for some of the best treatment I have had, especially from Mr Rawcliffe, his assistants and the reception staff who have been most helpful and really nice. On behalf of myself, my wife, my daughter, grandchildren and great-grandchildren thanks to all of you.

Mr A. T.