Mini Dental Implants

Among the revolutionary new treatments and technology in the Dental Care field is the invention of the mini-implant. These, as the name suggests are much narrower than conventional implants.

Like the larger conventional implants, a mini-implant consists of a Titanium ‘screw’ with a roughened surface that, when placed into the jaw bone, allows new bone to form against the metal surface. The implant becomes part of the jaw bone and can be used to retain a prosthesis.

Normally patients require four mini-implants to stabilise a lower denture. The procedure to place the implants is completed under Local Anaesthesia in about one hour. As it is a minimally invasive procedure, in contrast to full-size implants, there is little discomfort and you can still wear your lower denture following minor adjustments.

After a two week healing time, the denture can be fitted to the implants precisely by placing a stud-attachment into the denture which attaches to the head on top of the implant.

As a result, a tight-fitting, stable denture allows the wearer to eat and speak with confidence, safe in the knowledge that the lower denture will not move or come out of the mouth.

Mini-implants are a permanent fixture and must be cleaned and cared-for daily. Regular professional examination is also recommended to ensure that the mini-implants and surrounding bone and gum are healthy and that they continue to function to their optimum effect.

Mini-implants cost less than conventional implants and the surgical and healing times are also reduced. These are a very cost-effective way to stabilise a mobile lower denture.

Mini-implants have their limitations though. They are best not used to replace single teeth or to support a bridge due to the narrow width of the implant. They do not have as good a long-term prognosis as conventional, full-size implants and have a quoted success rate of 94% after 5 years.

Here, at Ian Robertson Dental Care, implants have been part of our treatment regime since Ian started to place and restore implants in 2002. We only do implants, either conventional or mini, on our patients after careful examination and planning. With careful planning and correct case selection, implants are a very predictable and successful treatment option.

If you have a troublesome complete lower denture and think that this sounds like a good option or have any other questions, call in to reception or phone 01382 477350 for Broughty Ferry or 01241 874263 for Arbroath to arrange a mini-implant consultation.