6 Month Smiles

Are your teeth squint or out of position?

If so, then ‘6 Month Smiles’ Orthodontic treatment may be for you.

Patients who do not wish to wear train track dental braces during adulthood can now benefit from aesthetic white coloured braces called ‘6 Month Smiles’.

‘6 Month Smiles’ reduces orthodontic treatment time to around 6 months by concentrating only on straightening teeth that are visible when smiling.  This results in a  smile transformation for people who experience low self-esteem as a result of spaced, crooked or misaligned teeth. Traditional braces on the other hand straighten all the teeth in the mouth and as such need treatment times of around 18 to 24 months.

‘6 Month Smiles’ can be used to treat a wide variety of orthodontic problems, including crowding, crossbites, overbites and gaps between teeth.

What are the benefits of 6 Month Smiles?

‘6 Month Smiles’ is a revolutionary and modern alternative originating in the US, which offers patients a more discreet, efficient and cost-effective option. The system focuses only those teeth which show when you smile. Treatment is tailored specifically to each patient helping to straighten the front teeth quickly and safely.

Unlike other ‘invisible’ treatments, ‘6 Month Smiles’ braces can be seen but are manufactured from tooth coloured materials including clear brackets and white Nickel Titanium wires meaning they are highly discreet and attractive.

Braces are by far the most popular, successful and safe way to help you achieve healthy, straight teeth. ‘6 Month Smiles’ takes the best features of a standard fixed brace but modifies the treatment and materials to achieve the same results in a quicker time.

If you decide that 6 Month Smiles treatment is for you, we will begin the treatment by conducting thorough checks on your teeth, using radiographs, teeth impressions and photographs to make sure the teeth being moved are clinically sound.

We would advise you to let us know at the beginning exactly what smile improvements you would like to achieve from the treatment so we can ensure that your treatment plan is right for you. Once your impressions are sent to America, the ‘6 Month Smiles’ lab technicians custom manufacture all of the brackets and braces needed for your treatment. Following manufacture, patients will be fitted with their ‘6 Month Smiles’ aesthetic braces. As the brace system is formed in a tray, the procedure to bond the brackets to the surface of your teeth is quick and easy.  All that is required is to place the adhesive onto the front surface of the teeth, insert the tray and harden the adhesive by shining a high-intensity blue light.

Once this is complete, the outer tray is removed and over time, your teeth will begin to straighten.

Will the treatment hurt?

Similar to other forms of braces, you could feel some discomfort when the brace is initially installed. The gentle forces used to correct your smile means the teeth are able to move slowly, which is unlikely to cause you any severe discomfort.

We recommend the use of over-the-counter painkillers to ease any mild discomfort felt during the initial stages of the corrective process.

Will I need to wear a retainer?

As with any teeth straightening treatment, when treatment is finished you will need to wear a retainer. Retainers allow your teeth to stabilize in their new positions. This is important because teeth have a tendency to move back to their original position. Many adults who had orthodontic work in childhood find their teeth relapse in later years. After all the hard work, time and effort often involved in the straightening of teeth, it’s really worth wearing a retainer even for a few nights per week in order to keep your beautiful straight smile.  We will provide you with a removable retainer for use at night.

If you would like a consultation or more information on ‘6 Month Smiles’ treatment, please contact our Arbroath practice on 01241 874263 to arrange an appointment.